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ISSN No : 2455-734X
Issue : Yearly
Published by : Uma Arts & Nathiba Commerce Mahila College, Gandhinagar
Emails : editorthechurning@gmail.com

(An Inter-Disciplinary National Peer & Double Reviewed e-Journal of Languages, Social Sciences and Commercel)

Our Vision:“To attain social upliftment by empowering women through value-based education”

Dr. Pranav Joshipura

The Churning

What all of us have been awaiting since long seems to have realised finally. Our pleasure is immeasurable in presenting the first issue of our college e-journal ‘The Churning’. All of us at Uma Arts and Nathiba Commerce Mahila College, Gandhinagar, have been publishing everywhere possible since long and therefore there was an ardent desire to publish what can be called our own journal nourishing our own ideal of research with the highest benchmarks of research aptitude. Our college is NAAC ‘A’ Grade accredited and enjoys the UGC CPE status.

‘The Churning’ is double and peer reviewed e-journal processing through transparent system of screening and motivating the best of the brains to present their views through this. Our idea is to create a state of art and par excellence across and inter disciplinary discussion platform. The disciplines we have included in this journal are humanities, social sciences and commerce. These very much subjects are taught in our college.

We welcome all to publish with us in our future issues. Best wishes to all the researchers to make academia a thinking platform.

‘The Churning’ has become a reality thanks only to the positivity shown by the Chairman Shri Vallabhbhai Patel and the Principal Dr. Amrita Paresh Patel. Both warmly provided with everything, most importantly freedom, essential for such endeavour.