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Trophy Awarded - Yuva Utkash Vijaypadma Shodhpatra Spardha Yuva Utkash Vijaypadma Shodhpatra

Two students of this college, Ms. Jahnavi Kanjiya (sem-IV , Psychology Department) and Ms.Brinda Bhatt (sem-IV, English Department) has won unique running Trophy  for the college and cash prizes for themselves in the Research Paper Presentation  Competition in Psychology, entitled. “Yuva Utkash Vijaypadma Shodhpatra  Spardha” held by B. D. Arts  College, managed by renawned   Education Trust of Gujarat: Gujarat  Law society on February 9th 2018 at Ahmedabad. Students of nine colleges of Gujarat participated in this competition.

Dr. Sarla Achutan, (Expert from  IIM and B. K. School of Management,  Ahmedabad) performed the crucial role as judge. The entire college has congratulated these two students for their unprecedented achievement and also Dr. Rita Ganghi for mentoring the students during the of process of preparing the paper.