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Our Vision, Mission & Values

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Vision and Mission :


“The college aims to attain social upliftment by empowering women through value-based education”


The college pursues the following missions in order to accomplish its vision: 

  • To aspire all of our young female students to grow up to be "Daheli-Deep" in order to enlighten the world around them through high quality education, to create bridges binding society together and thus bring about social development;
  • To empower students with knowledge, skill and learning that enable them to compete with the best at the national and international levels as well as to impart them the values of life;
  • To extend various skills of faculties and students to the community by participating in various extension activities;
  • To organize skill development courses along with training in entrepreneurship which make students employable as well as self-employed;
  • To create an academic and research conducive environment wherein teachers as well as students are encouraged to pursue quality research and develop research aptitude;
  • To develop professional attitude, competencies and skills though the use of ICT and latest teaching and learning technologies to foster global competencies among our students;
  • To motivate students to preserve regional arts, cultures and languages;
  • Remain adaptive to changes in the higher education scenario in order to keep updated and related