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In today’s modern and competitive world, it is our duty as academicians to help the students to secure a bright future. With this in mind, we have formed the cell for Career Counseling. In fact, we offer a free-of-charge, one year Certificate Course in Career Counseling and Self Employment for the students of T.Y.B.A., S.Y.B.Com. and T.Y.B.Com.
  • The activities conducted here include interactive sessions with expert counselors from diverse fields, Psychometric testing for a thorough self-analysis, one-day workshops and guidance by members from various faculties.
  • The students are provided information regarding various career and placement opportunities with the help of notices, posters and cut outs of advertisements.
  • Students are informed about various competitive exams like UPSC, GPSC, NET, SLET, Railways, Banks, LIC, etc, and are guided for a thorough preparation.
Placement Officer : In fact there is a committee of three members for the Career Counseling and Self Employment in the college. Ms Rita Parikh, lecturer in Psychology, is in charge of the Career Counseling Cell and the Certificate Course. She is actively engaged in this field. It is her duty too:
  • Organize and facilitate conducting of lectures and workshops, inviting experts from various fields for lectures
  • Organize counseling and workshops by professional career counselors.
  • Provide information about career and placement opportunities.
  • Help our students to get jobs in any other institute run by our Management.