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Aiming at the all round development of the students and keeping in mind these requirements especially for the modern times, the college has been conducting  a course in Personality Development for the students of T.Y.B.A. and T.Y.B.Com. since 1994, to help them pursue their careers successfully.


Based on a balanced weightage of theoretical as well as practical work, the programme includes question answer sessions, group discussions, slideshows as well as workshops. These aim in various areas like the development of memory and mind power, stress management, importance of outward appearance (dress, makeup, hairstyling), conversational skills, office approach, attitude, interpersonal relationships, confidence, yoga and meditation. Students are also trained with respect to applying for a job. The mock interviews conducted help them face interviews later. Value based education is imparted in the form of goal setting, manners, removal of inferiority complex etc. Lectures are also conducted by the members of the staff. At the end of the year, a one-day workshop is held under the supervision of a management trainer.